Integrity. Collaboration. Performance. 

It's Who We Are.












These are the words our team lives by.  We start every new project as if it’s the beginning of a long-term relationship, because we believe it will be. This is why more than 98% of our 2016 projects were from repeat clients or referrals, proving Integrity builds trust and trust builds relationships. From our administrators who provide needed documents on time and accurately, estimators who provide budgets, project managers who plan and coordinate, to our field crews who push the pace of the project, we strive to be seamless at all levels with our interactions with our clients. 


We also believe that the key to success for ConTech and our clients is understanding the behaviors we must exhibit to realize our mission. Through Collaboration with our clients, partners and vendors, we have developed our 20 ConTech Core Behaviors. These behaviors are reviewed every day, on every job site by every employee. We know the talents and limitations of each person, and utilize each person to maximize team performance. 


Our focus on building relationships does not stop with our clients, it continues through to our team. The average employment length for the entire ConTech team is 5 years. Our long-term commitment to our co-workers, clients, and vendors creates a formidable team that consistently succeeds together, project after project. 



20 ConTech Core Behaviors







We perform our role with a sense of teamwork that always looks for solutions that will help the entire team succeed, and keep relationships strong-project after project.  


We exemplify Integrity in everything we do, and we expect the same of our clients, partners and vendors.  


We Perform to the highest expectations of ourselves and our clients. 





  • I express how I see myself and how I want the world to see me through my work

  • I am proud of my role and I strive to excel in it because I have an impact on our reputation with our clients

  • I work to provide for myself and my loved ones

  • I make decisions and act based on long term benefit of the company and myself

  • I am positive, supportive and respectful regarding my teammates

  • I respect the dignity of physical labor so I keep my body healthy

  • I plan my work so that I am prepared, safe and efficient

  • I do not hide my mistakes

  • I perform all of my work according to plans and specifications and industry standards, taking no shortcuts

  • I resolve conflicts without anger, looking for win-win solutions

  • I am truthful and act honorably at all times

  • I take full responsibility for my own actions and for success in my career

  • I send all complaints about the company up the chain of command, not down, and I will leave personal      problems at home so team morale stays high

  • I learn new skills so I keep growing in my career, and make myself more versatile

  • I set and ask for expectations, making sure there is understanding and agreement

  • I follow up on everything, making sure tasks are completed as expected and on time

  • I see obstacles as opportunities to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise by offering solutions

  • I check and re-check my work, because accuracy is critical in my work